Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you pay caregivers?

Our caregivers that work overtime are paid $16.50 an hour for the first 40 hours, Then $24.75 an hour for all overtime hours worked.

How can you afford to pay more than other agencies?

Our mission has always been to provide the highest possible wages.  To accomplish that, the company was started without hiring outside consulting services that charge high fees.  Since we are not a part of a franchise or did not have large start-up expenses, we started without any debt.

We are able to keep our operating expenses low, by being resourceful where we spend money.  We currently have free office space, and are very selective where money is spent. 

We are a small company, so we don't have any additional office staff that is on the payroll.

What Indiana Counties do you serve?

What is the hiring process like?

Employee Onboarding is simple and is done all online. Once you decide to join our team, an email with directions will be sent to you.


How do I get started?

Starting is easy!  

If you are already on the A&D waiver or the TBI waiver, then you would just reach out to your case manager and let them know your needed schedule and that you want Family Solutions Home Care to be your provider.

If you aren't on a Medicaid Waiver, but want to know if you might qualify? Please reach out to Family Solutions Home Care to help guide you through the process.